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A portal is opened to 'The Rock' and a civilization of magic and myth is introduced to an inhospitable world without the basic building block of life, mana. Our open world game takes place sixty years after the first boots landed on The Rock and follows Elias Adelhelm, Jeron Thalitak, Gorg'rek "John" Bricksmasher, and Dr. Patton Normstrom as they traverse this new world.

Join LetMeTellYouAbout host Tad Becker and his friends Daniel, Michael, Matt, and Tim as they explore the world of 'The Rock' in a pseudo-future post-apocalyptic America tabletop semi-serious-but-still-comedic RPG.

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    71 - Networking

    The group questions their human ally about Patton's past (patent pending), and what she knows about Michael's quest.

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    70 - Happy Trails

    A presence makes itself known to the party due to their meddling in human affairs.

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    69 - Corpse-dyceps

    The revival crew make a quick supply stop and uncover a whole new conspiracy.

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    68 - 30 to 50 Wild Hogs

    Due to unavoidable circumstances, a disturbed protection sigil results in a gigantic rampaging Ham Abomination. Normally not an issue but Jerron's riding on top of it and it has Elias in its sights.

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    67 - The Queen HAWG

    After narrowly escaping the mind controlled(?) congregation, the group moves double-time to catch up to Michael on their way west. However the group encounters an entirely unavoidable incident with their car leaving them stranded in Albuquerque with the clock running out.

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    66 - Fools Cut

    Revival: Fools Cut I accidentally edited the wrong episode. Instead of wasting it, here's a spruced up version of the Revival In The Raw episode.

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    DM Workshop: Example Session Zero

    "Session Zero" takes place before the players or DM start their adventure. It is also the most important part of your game.

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    DM Workshop: Building a One-Shot

    Tad and Dan from Revival: A Dungeons and Dragons Realplay Podcast are back for some DM Tips and Tricks in another DM Workshop. This time we're building a One-Shot adventure from a the ground up. We're starting with some vague ideas and a half baked plot to show how to create the framework for a great session.

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    66 - Revival in the Raw

    There was some interest in less stringently edited episodes of Revival (a dungeons and dragons realplay podcast) and I thought this might be a good opportunity to try it out. This episode was light on story and more us goofing as we went through a tough combat encounter. I'll be doing a quick recap of the important parts of this episode at the start of episode 67 so you can 100% skip this if you wish and not miss anything important.

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