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A portal is opened to 'The Rock' and a civilization of magic and myth is introduced to an inhospitable world without the basic building block of life, mana. Our open world game takes place sixty years after the first boots landed on The Rock and follows Elias Adelhelm, Jeron Thalitak, Gorg'rek "John" Bricksmasher, and Dr. Patton Normstrom as they traverse this new world.

Join LetMeTellYouAbout host Tad Becker and his friends Daniel, Michael, Matt, and Tim as they explore the world of 'The Rock' in a pseudo-future post-apocalyptic America tabletop semi-serious-but-still-comedic RPG.

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    73 - Save Point

    The Revival crew feels themselves being pulled towards Michael and prepare for a confrontation that could decide both groups' futures.

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    71 - Networking

    The group questions their human ally about Patton's past (patent pending), and what she knows about Michael's quest.

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    70 - Happy Trails

    A presence makes itself known to the party due to their meddling in human affairs.

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    69 - Corpse-dyceps

    The revival crew make a quick supply stop and uncover a whole new conspiracy.

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    68 - 30 to 50 Wild Hogs

    Due to unavoidable circumstances, a disturbed protection sigil results in a gigantic rampaging Ham Abomination. Normally not an issue but Jerron's riding on top of it and it has Elias in its sights.

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    67 - The Queen HAWG

    After narrowly escaping the mind controlled(?) congregation, the group moves double-time to catch up to Michael on their way west. However the group encounters an entirely unavoidable incident with their car leaving them stranded in Albuquerque with the clock running out.

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    66 - Fools Cut

    Revival: Fools Cut I accidentally edited the wrong episode. Instead of wasting it, here's a spruced up version of the Revival In The Raw episode.

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    DM Workshop: Example Session Zero

    "Session Zero" takes place before the players or DM start their adventure. It is also the most important part of your game.

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    DM Workshop: Building a One-Shot

    Tad and Dan from Revival: A Dungeons and Dragons Realplay Podcast are back for some DM Tips and Tricks in another DM Workshop. This time we're building a One-Shot adventure from a the ground up. We're starting with some vague ideas and a half baked plot to show how to create the framework for a great session.

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    66 - Revival in the Raw

    There was some interest in less stringently edited episodes of Revival (a dungeons and dragons realplay podcast) and I thought this might be a good opportunity to try it out. This episode was light on story and more us goofing as we went through a tough combat encounter. I'll be doing a quick recap of the important parts of this episode at the start of episode 67 so you can 100% skip this if you wish and not miss anything important.

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    65 - Surrender The Spirit

    John confronts Michael and Elias speaks to Gabriel. Both end disastrously.

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    64 - Congregation

    Like M'valla in a tiny room the Revival crew are being backed into a corner as what looks to be The Congregation tightens in on them.

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    63 - Knifepoint

    The Revival crew receives a shipment from Red that contains more than they thought.

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    62 - Proportional Response

    Michael's group has one more surprise planned for the Revival crew that spells doom for everything they've worked towards so far.

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    61 - I Dream of Jeron

    Jerry runs back his previous New York cases as his brain to picked by Michael's crew. The group starts homing in on his location and try to break him out before everything falls to pieces.

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    60 - Bridging The Mana Gap

    Jerry is dropped right in front of Michael and his crew as they interrogate him on Abbadon's whereabouts and the rest of the Revival crew.

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    59 - Down by the River

    As I went down in the river to pray Studying about that good old way And who shall wear the starry crown Good Lord, show me the way!

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    58 - Jerry Moment

    The group works together to stop Abbadon from absconding the Fire-Briars.

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    57 - From The Brink

    Deep in the wyvern's lair the group encounter demons both metaphorical and physical.

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    56 - Trust Fall

    With the wyvern wiped out, the group investigates the creatures lair which is now spewing clouds of poisonous creatures. Inside the lair the group finds something worse than any of them could have guessed.

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    54 - The Five W's

    The group discovers a viscous predator in the burnwillows (firebriars? flamebriars? scaldtails?) and agrees it's too dangerous to have a creature that can decide to kill anything in a natural ecosystem on a whim. Wait hold on...

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    53 - Identifying Kelp

    The group discovers a viscous predatory in the burnwillows (firebriars? flamebriars? scaldtails?) and agrees it's too dangerous to have a creature that can decide to kill anything in a natural ecosystem on a whim. Wait hold on.

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    52 - Liquid Crystal Disease

    Accosted by parasitic algae based insects, the group contends with snapping jaws and what seems to be a particularly nasty strain of abyssal plague

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    50 - Brassmasters

    Isolated, mana deprived and now without a vehicle the group have to find a way back to Teotwawki before they collapse. Jerry also makes a connection with an unknown force that could have far reaching consequences.

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    48 - Critical Mass

    The group find themselves trapped with Michael in a MEGACHURCH. With their time limited the group has to find a way to stop Michael and save the people under his control before mana deprivation put them out of commission.

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    47 - The End Of The World As We Know It

    Things aren't doing too okay in OK as the group arrive in Teotwawki. They meet with Rakanna V'ad and undertake the 'Trial of the Night'

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    46 - Dangerous Dander

    The Revival crew's journey west is halted by a storm of... dandelion fluff? The western frontier holds many surprises.

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    45 - Extreme Sleepover


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    44 - The Jeron Nexus

    The group goes back in time to team up with themselves against a new type of foe that threatens the fate of The Rock as a whole.

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    43 - Corralling Jerrys

    The group comes across a rotten sun and are seemingly transported back in time to the Tunguska event from a brand new point of view.

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    42 - Tunguska Sunset

    Jerry is trapped in a battle of wits with creatures not of this plane, John uses his gun to outwit a squidman and Elias' triggers his Speccy sense. How will the group survive their most dangerous encounter yet without any outside assistance?

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    41 - Trust Your Feelings

    DISPLACER BEASTS! Or are they? The group finds themselves split after John runs blindly into the forest after Dr. Robo, leaving Patton Jerry and Elias behind.

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    40 - Chucking Flasks and Making Tracks

    Patton throws sensitive equipment at kobolds and the group continues West until we hit a fork in the road. One leading North and the other through seemingly normal woods.

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    39 - Smackdown

    John lays a RAW Smackdown on some Kobolds leaving an IMPACT on their uh... WCW and... ECW. Theres not many wrestling organizations I know of but theres some cool wrestling moves in this episode as the group fights Rithrak and his Kobold compatriots.

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    38 - Kobold Civil War

    It's the culmination of the Revival audio universe that has been built up since 2008 with the release of the live action IRON PATTON film alongside DR. ADELMHELM: UNDERDARKWORLD. That's right, Kobold Civil War.

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    37 - Kobolds and Colleges

    The group searches for their scrapper team and comes across a ramshackle college dominated by Rithrak "the dragon." Also one of the kobolds has a gun.

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    36 - peperony and chease

    Your provisions include: 15 Grandfather clocks, 2 Dragonborn, a trio of students, and a possible 'Buick' of goblins and/or kobolds.

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    35 - Cause and Effect

    Patton's parking job doesn't go over too well with Elias and the 'intrepid' group finds a potential ally in the surrounding groves.

  44. Thumb 1507423188 artwork

    34 - Semi Sidewinding

    The group crashes out of the spider den in an out of control semi driven by Patton as they just manage to escape. Can they get the big rig under control before it crashes?

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    32 - In My Element

    Its a veritable arachnid arena! The group faces down spiders of increasingly larger and larger size as we finally find DB and attempt to get out alive.

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    30 - The Forest Breathes

    The group sets off to the nearby truckyard to begin operation ROADTRAIN and it definitely goes well without Elias there.

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    29 - Looks like Tacoma out there

    This week a friend of the group goes missing and its up to Ace Criminal Investigator Patton Normstrom and his entourage to find DB.

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    28 - Leeches Suck

    Luckily this is the last leech episode as I have run out of any witty names or descriptions for those slug like assholes.

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    27 - Whitewater Washout

    With the artifact in hand the group leaves the swamp, however an old friend blocks their path

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    26 - Pandora's Icebox

    Episode Twenty-Six Pandora's Icebox

    DEEPER in the depths of the Ouchita River, Patton's most well kept secret is revealed! Also there's holy relic that does some stuff and a lot of people fall to what very well may be their death, but more importantly what's going on with Patton? Is that some kind of bird adjacent thing?

  54. Thumb 1500614209 artwork

    25 - Indiana Adelhelm and the Temple of Bad Decisions

    Episode Twenty-Five Indiana Adelhelm and the Temple of Bad Decisions

    Deep in the depths of the Ouchita river the group what looks to be the location of the first holy relic. However, the building is plagued with various traps and pitfalls in an attempt to keep the relic safe from unwanted trespassers.

  55. Thumb 1500007519 artwork

    24 - Leech Beach 2 (Still Beachin')

    Episode Twenty-Four Leech Beach 2: Still Beachin'

    The group finds themselves trapped with little chance for survival in the LEECH PIT.

  56. Thumb 1499482782 artwork

    23 - Leech Beach

    Episode Twenty-Three Leech Beach

    With Jerry back on his feet the group continues their search for the first holy relic.

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    22 - Dreamscape Screamscape

    Episode Twenty-Two Dreamscape Screamscape

    Jerry faces the full consequences of his actions as his past comes to haunt him, literally.

  59. Thumb 1497582890 artwork

    21 - Good For The Soul

    Episode Twenty-One Good For The Soul

    So John and Jerry walk into a bar...

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    DM Workshop: Starting the Quest

    The first of a new side-series "DM Workshop"

    Dan and Michael talk about the ups and downs of being a Game Master and in the launch episode we talk about the do's and don'ts of creating a world and more importantly, gathering your players.

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    20 - Killing Machine

    Episode Twenty Killing Machine

    Its a match on the tarmac. Highway star and the group face off against Rakn'prak and his cronies.

  62. Thumb 1495217359 artwork

    19 - On A Holy Roll

    Episode Nineteen On A Holy Roll

    The race is underway as "The Holy Roller" Makes its way to the track and pits our colorful group against five of the meanest sons of guns in Hot Springs.

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    18 - Jerry's On The Scene!

    Episode Eighteen

    Jerry and John go about town to get a look at the racers before the match.

  64. Thumb 1494003216 artwork

    17 - Before The Storm

    Episode Seventeen

    The group asks Lazarus for help with their plan to take down Michael and head further west.

  65. Thumb 1493363462 artwork

    16 - Calm

    Episode Sixteen

    The group unwinds after their battle and begins formulating a plan to take on Michael

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    A portal is opened to 'The Rock' and a civilization of magic and myth is introduced to an inhospitable world without the basic building block of life, mana. Our open world game takes place sixty years after the first boots landed on The Rock and follows Elias Adelhelm (Biologist), Jeron Thalitak (Journalist) , Gorg'rek "John" Bricksmasher (Christian gunslinger) , and Dr. Patton Normstrom (Frontier Medicine man(?) )as they traverse this new world.

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